Fatawa Alamgiri Download in Urdu Pdf Free

Fatawa Alamgiri is a law created by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. This compilation based on Sunni Hanafi Law. Aurangzeb gathered 500 totally experts in Islamic jurisprudence and 300 from South Asia as well, 100 from the Iraq and 100 from the Hejaz too. They works from many years ago to convert Islam all our the world and give all special real knowledge one from another.
Fatawa Alamgiri was compiled in late 17th century by the muslims scholars from Medina and South Asia

Fatawa Alamgiri Download in Urdu Pdf Free

• Personal & Criminal Law

—- Many personal law on gifts
—- A Muslim boy of understanding with each other (from valid or invalid).
—- Special Kind of hudud punishment for the religious crime of zina.

• Slavery & Pillage

—- No kind of inheritance rights for slaves.
—- All slaves must obey his masters.
Important Book Fatawa Alamgiri:
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